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Far-reaching improvements have happened in communication structure with the introduction of VOIP technology. It made the communication simple, refined and also enabled businesses to expand their customer base. It also led to various changes in the organization that improve efficiency of the internal and external communication activities. Communication being the mainstay, it is important to have the best infrastructure that makes business vibrant. Enterprises might be having varied communication interests and need proper solutions to achieve the goals. To meet the business conferencing requirements, enterprises need quality conference phones. An experienced provider can pick the right conference phones for business needs. When it comes to infrastructure in Kenya, the business need proper communication solution and an IP telephony provider can provide you the best solution with Polycom Analog conference phones Kenya.

Polycom Conferencing solution offer splendid opportunities to the business meetings where it make the feeling that everyone is together in the meeting room, plus it enable business to save on communication, eliminate travel to conduct the meeting and so.

Communication solution with the leading IP telephony provider in Kenya.

If you decide to go for the conferencing phones, it is good to pick quality systems. Being a global leader in the communication technology, Polycom is specialized to offer video voice and content collaboration to the enterprises of all sizes.

With years of service to providing IP solutions, VDS Kenya has the power to change your business using Polycom conference phones Kenya. In line with the regulations and strategies, we could develop perfect communication solutions for your business with Polycom systems Kenya.

Polycom analog conference phones for small to medium business environments

Conference phones are a good option for the organizations organizing constant remote meetings with the clients, vendors, employees at branch offices and many. It also helps business to attain its communication goals in an affordable way. Businesses looking for a conferencing solution need collaborative system that fit their budget. Polycom analog conference phones could be the best solution, since they have been designed to deliver quality results with high definition sound. Equipped with brilliant Polycom technology, the Polycom conference phones Kenya will adapt to varied room environments.

Why you need Polycom Conference Phones Kenya?

  • Polycom acoustic technology make sure that everyone in the meeting is clearly heard and the communication is properly done
  • Wide interoperability feature allowing the phones to connect with the leading IP PBX systems and IP platforms such as the Microsoft Lync, Skype for business, Broadsoft etc…
  • These conference phones are easy to customize according to the business needs.

Family of Polycom analog conference phones Kenya

To power various conference needs Polycom comes with varied analog conference phones such as the Polycom SoundStation2, Polycom SoundStation2W and Polycom VoiceStation 300.

Polycom SoundStation2: This Polycom analog conference phone is a perfect choice for the small to medium business environments where it can accommodate 10 participants. Patented acoustic technology make sure the conversation is clearly communicated. It makes the call transparent, brilliant and clearer. With the advanced features and options, you get a fine solution you never had experienced before. With the full duplex technology, it offers a 2-way conversation. Dynamic noise reduction eliminate back ground noise to a great extent.

Some more highlights of this conference phone

  • The acoustic technology produce ultra-clear calls making the calls more productive
  • Dynamic Noise reduction and brilliant microphones ensures everyone is heard properly
  • Refuse any interference from the wireless devices
  • It can easily connected to mobile phones and PC
  • The display console provide phone number, duration of the calls and so

With these features, your business can have a superb conference solution.

Polycom SoundStation2W: This conference phones delivers the freedom to have the conference from anywhere without. As this phone has no cord, it would be easy to conduct the meetings in the room where there is no phone line. For the meeting that require brilliant voice quality and flexibility, Polycom SoundStation2W Kenya is a good option. It offers some features and it includes

  • Secure wireless technology with encrypted voice
  • Business has the option to extend the conference wirelessl’y without cords up to 45 meters
  • Patented Acoustic technology provides very clear conversation
  • Provides connection to personal computers and mobile through the application port

Polycom VoiceStation 300: This conference phone is designed to meet the small office requirements. It is perfectly suited for the desktops and small rooms. With the microphone ranging up to 2 meters, this Polycom VoiceStation 300 is apt for 3 to 4 participants. Its compact design makes it ideal to keep on a desk or a table. Some of the features it offer include

  • Hands free calls gives participants the flexibility to have a free conversation in the same room
  • High quality audio make the calls more productive
  • It is easy to set up and configure
  • Eliminate the interference from the wireless devices including the mobile phones
  • Offers full degree coverage

The other accessories include the Polycom expandable mics as well.

Advanced features, Great solutions – Gateway to all your business conference needs

It’s the patented technology that make the Polycom conference phones versatile to all kind of conference solutions. We have a team of talented and skilled professionals who are experts to provide solutions, from designing to installation of Polycom analog conference phones Kenya. The solutions we offer can be customized as per the requirements and is affordable too. Besides these services, we provide training and post installation support as well. Being a Polycom distributor in Kenya we have the right systems and solutions that meet your business needs. Depending on the requirements and the budget, you have the option to pick effective solutions as you want. Call us today on +234 14408180 and talk to one of our sales engineers for your telecom requirements or send us an email [email protected] and get immediate response for your queries.

Analog Conference Phone Models