Htek IP Phones Nairobi – Htek Distributor Kenya

Htek provides a range of IP phones, console tailored for executives to common employees and businesses of all sizes. Htek phones in Kenya are sophisticated communication devices with headset support, speakerphones, and attendant consoles. Htek phones in Nairobi are proved for crystal clear audio, advanced features that improve productivity in today’s modern business. Htek is working on significant feature development on business IP phones for a long time. The results are here with modern design, reliable phones which deliver high-quality communications experience.

Htek IP Phones deliver HD audio experience via its speech optimized handset. Modern Design with an intuitive user interface of Htek phones makes it a perfect choice for companies that need rich communications. Htek phones are compatible with any telephone system which supports SIP Protocol either it is On-premises PBX or a Cloud hosted PBX System. The common PBX System Brands which support Htek phones are Yeastar, Grandstream, Zycoo, Avaya, Dlink, and Cisco. Please note Cisco and Avaya Required separate licenses to use the Third-party IP Phones like Htek.

Htek Phones Nairobi KenyaHtek Phones in Kenya Deployment is super easy with Htek HPT (Htek Provision Tools) or auto provision supported by all certified telephone systems. This feature ensures total Zero-touch implementation of your office phones. Htek phones are offered in three categories. Which is UC900 Series, UC800 Series, and Wifi Bluetooth Phones. Htek phones are designed with Colour Display, Gigabit Network Ports, Dual Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi, BLF Keys and HD Voice. However, some of these features vary depending upon the models.