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Much progress has been made in the communication domain with the inception of VOIP technology. With the rapidly evolving communication technology, implementing IP based solutions will help enterprises to have an edge in the business. The decision to make a shift to the VOIP systems will have positive impacts that helps to stream line the business activities, reduce the telephone expenses and improve productivity and efficiency. Once you have your communication strategies in place, you need to consult with an experienced IP telephony provider, they help you to design solutions with the best IP products.

VOIP solutions with the leading IP telephony provider in Kenya

The latest reports point to the fact that Kenya is among the fastest-growing nation in Africa. Kenya’s improved access to technology is surprising. To have an advanced communication strategy, the business in Kenya needs a more robust infrastructure that enables faster and reliable communication.

We at VDS Kenya is specialized to develop VOIP solutions to the varied business interests across the nation. As a leading IP telephony provider in Kenya, we provide solutions with Cisco IP phone system and Cisco IP phones in Kenya. Cisco is the world’s best solution provider in the realm of unified communications, networking, and IP telephony.  When it comes to IP phones segment, Cisco IP phones truly are the best in the world. With the Cisco systems Kenya we could deliver perfect communication solutions that certainly will take your business to new levels.

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Enrich communication with various series of Cisco IP phones 

To fulfill varied unified communication requirements, Cisco has comprehensive IP phones that enrich calling experience in a greater way. The portfolio of systems comprises of Cisco unified SIP phone 3900 series, 6900 series, 7800 series, 7900 series and 8800 series.

Let’s have a look at some of the specialties of these systems

Cisco Unified SIP phone 3900 series is an entry-level IP phone that has the essential telephony features. With the simplified design and easy to use nature, it is the best fit for standard calling requirements that find useful in general offices, retail sites, lobbies, guest rooms, etc.…Cisco SIP phone 3905 is the model that falls in the 3900 series.

Here are some of the features of Cisco SIP phone 3905

  • Support for two simultaneous calls
  • Support 2-way conversation with full-duplex speakerphone
  • Comfortable use of keys
  • Ideal for deployments where the headset is not required
  • It simple and affordable
  • Basic telephony features

Cisco Unified IP phone 6900 series has been designed to refine the calling experience, to improve productivity, and reduce operational costs. These systems are fully featured and deliver the most elegant communication solutions affordably. With this series of IP phones, your business can take advantage of unified communications, enjoy greater flexibility effectively and productively. It includes the models’ Cisco unified IP phone 6901, 6911, 6921, 6941, 6945, and 6961. All the models come with advanced features and functionalities to be used in various facilities such as restaurants, hotels, elevators, guestrooms, and so.

Its feature includes

  • 2-way communications with full-duplex speakerphone
  • Low power consumption
  • Call feature keys for call status indication
  • Eco-friendly
  • Video advantage on selected models

cisco phones nairobiCisco IP phone 7800 series is the specially designed IP phones for increased productivity and efficiency. It can be used in various cisco systems environments such as Cisco on-premises, Cisco cloud, etc. This series of phones are perfect for small to medium business enterprises seeking high-end IP communications. To serve the demand of our customers, this series comprises of the models such as Cisco IP phone 7861, Cisco IP phone 7841, Cisco IP phone 7821, and Cisco IP phone 7811. It is ideal for a business that looks for a change to the unified communication environments

Comes with charcoal and while color models

  • High-resolution display
  • Messaging and conference facility
  • 2-way navigation
  • Full wideband capability
  • Easy to manage personal calls
  • Simple and cost-effective

Cisco IP phone 8800 series has been designed to deliver high-quality communication solutions. With this series, enterprises get the best quality high definition video. Selected models of this series integrate telephony features with your mobile devices. It offers attractive implementation options to experience an excellent communication environment. For the business searching for high-quality systems and VOIP communications, the Cisco IP phone 8800 series is the best choice. This is also the best option to expand video and voice communications. These consist of the models’ Cisco IP phone 8865, 8861, 8851, 8845, 8841, 8811, and the Cisco conference phone 8831 systems.

The features include

  • Provide great user engagement
  • High clarity voice communications
  • Desktop video of high resolution
  • Enhance team performance
  • Reduce the operational costs
  • Telephony integration with mobile devices

Get the best collaboration experience with the leader in IP telephony Nairobi, Kenya

Robust solutions are a must for today’s business to productivity and efficiency. It is true with Cisco IP systems Kenya. Creating VOIP solutions with a reliable IP provider Nairobi Kenya is beneficial. As a Cisco distributor in Kenya, we at VDS Kenya has the power to develop unparalleled IP solutions that lift your business to advanced levels.

From planning to installation of Cisco VOIP systems Kenya, we take the job of delivering total solutions in terms of the standard practices and country regulations. Therefore you receive better solutions always. Headquartered at Mombasa, we have got so many respected clients to our credit that we think like a real appreciation for our professional services. Be it any type and kind of VOIP communication requirements, our highly talented and experienced professionals could deliver quality solutions that fit your budget. Call us today on +254 757128960 and talk to one of our sales engineers for your telecom requirements or send us an email and get an immediate response to your queries.