The modern-day telephones are not analog phones. The telecommunication changed dramatically with Voice Over IP Phones. Then what is the difference between traditional phones and IP phones? The IP phones utilizing TCP/IP network to communicate while traditional phones using analog lines for communication. Moreover, IP phones allow you to utilize the same corporate network for telephony and data.

VDS is a supplier of voice over IP (VoIP) phones and IP telecommunication solutions. We are able to provide different IP phone brands that match your requirement. The deal with Avaya, Cisco, NEC, Grandstream, Dlink, Yealink, Snom, RTX, and Samsung Phones.

Contact us for IP phone for your office in Kenya, Nairobi. We can supply and install VOIP Phones anywhere in Nairobi. Our services area includes all areas of Kenya.

What are IP Phones?

IP Phones allows the transmission of voice over the internet, also known as VoIP also known as Voice over Internet Protocol. There are multiple types of IP Phones but highlighting the intrinsic ones, we here discuss a brief about Grand stream PBX.  IP phones function the best under high speed, non-fluctuating internet connectivity. All IP phones function the same. The only thing different is how they are marketed depending upon the brands.

Importance of IP Phones

The implementation of IP Phones or IP phone telephone system in any kind of business is a significant deployment as it eases the communication within the organization as well as outside the organization. With technological development and upgradations which IP Phones are best suited for a company, the choice becomes complicated.

Since PBX are committed to delivering a complete communication solution in one easy deployment, we here present an overview.

Who should buy an IP phone: An IP phone/system can be purchased by a large corporate firm where telecommunication is an integral part of the business. It can also be bought by small establishments to enhance communication procedures.

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