CP Plus CCTV Distributor in Kenya

Security is an important aspect of your business and home environment. The news of rising risks is worrying. People are looking for ways to enhance security measures in a great way.  CCTV security is a good way to reduce the increased risks such as crimes, employee thefts, and strange activities. Improvement in technology has made CCTV systems appropriate for complex surveillance applications. And now, the question is, are you prepared to enhance your security measures? Security being a major concern, it is worth to consider CCTV systems as an important security measure. It provides a close watch on the activities within and outside the premises, allowing you to take timely actions in the event of any suspicious happenings.

Improve security with CP Plus security systems in Nairobi

The selection of security systems is important as well, once you have determined to go for CCTV. Amongst the systems available, CP Plus security systems are the best. CCTV has a great role in preventing the possibility of risks. Especially in a city like Nairobi, the business and residence need to come with advanced security measures. With years of experience in providing security to various industries across Nairobi, CCTV Kenya has quality solutions with CP Plus security cameras and systems for you. CP Plus has a legacy of manufacturing advanced cameras and systems to the complex surveillance needs. Some of the systems that CP Plus produces include security cameras, recording systems, and other related accessories.

Cpplus Cctv Nairobi Kenya

CP plus IP cameras Nairobi

CP plus IP cameras have been designed to produce high-quality surveillance. It comes with the latest features and options that provide unbelievable results to the customers. The ability to produce quality results in any kind of weather and lighting conditions make CP plus IP cameras a good choice. It is available in both the wired and wireless versions that are particularly easy to use and can be adjusted according to the usage. Some of its high lights include night vision, long-distance live data transmission, inter-operability, good range, digital capture, high-quality Image Sensor, and high-resolution support.

CP plus Analog cameras

CP plus Analog cameras balance the quality and output in an improved way. Designed for a variety of security applications, these cameras can be effectively used for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

CP Plus Network Video Recorder:

The recording and management of videos are important in the surveillance. CP Plus NVR is an excellent option for the customers who are looking for advanced recording systems since it comes with high-quality features and functionalities. With the wide range of network video recorders, you get high definition recording solutions along with the CP Plus network cameras and other branded network cameras. The features include real-time live view, good Incoming bandwidth, support other brand IP cameras, smart search by time and date, playback features, and so on.

Cpplus Supplier NairobiCP Plus Digital Video Recorder

DVR records the video in a digital format to the storage mediums. CP plus DVR has features that produce an excellent solution for your surveillance needs. The highlights include real-time preview, dual-stream video compression, supports the playback facilities, support remote access, real-time recording (for some models), real-time recording, trigger important events, and more.

CP Plus security systems have extended capabilities to deliver quality surveillance over industries of varied types. The security solutions are suitable for the homes as well. CCTV Kenya has proficiency in providing advanced solutions depending on customer requirements. We have our service available in the region of Eldoret, Thika, Mombasa, and Kisumu. Our ability to design systems with CP Plus has earned the reputation as the best CP plus CCTV Distributor in Kenya. Contact us now to know more about the design and CCTV camera installation.