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As far as the business is concerned, they want communication solutions specially crafted for them. Having a good solution is vital to a company’s behind the scenes success. A good infrastructure can facilitate the customer interactions effective and productive, it further nurture the business activities, increase client satisfaction and so many advantages. In a large environment, particularly in the service oriented industry, the business involves back to back communication with the customers. Lack of proper telephone solutions can cause the business to land in financial loss. Kenya is seen to be moving ahead on the path of development. Enterprises in Kenya is now having the opportunity to expand their business. Therefore in the emerging landscape a good solution that improves sales efficiency and satisfied customers is very much critical to the success. Here the importance of a call center solution Kenya comes. A perfect solution can come to the rescue of the business in such environments and we at VDS is able to offer surpassing call center solutions in Kenya

Moving ahead with the technology leaders in Kenya

For the business that is focused to providing solutions to the customers – be it for IT division or sales or marketing wing – it is wise to have a call center to handle all the technical or sales or marketing related issues of the clients. Since it helps to streamline the company’s operational process. Though variety of solutions are available such as the emails, phone contact, web forms etc…, today’s call center is going far beyond its operational excellence. Our Call Center Solutions Kenya enable business to receive the best customer interaction through the use of sophisticated tools and software.

Despite the ways in which the customer interactions are being carried out, some companies want a personalized and secured approach. An experienced provider can deliver as per the customer need. As a leading business solution provider we have the right expertise to develop perfect call center solution in Kenya. Our solutions can match to the business of any sizes where it helps to get the best calling experience. The call center solutions can be effectively used to address wide range of functions and that includes

  • Effective management of the customer related issues
  • Providing proper support to technical and non-technical issues the customers facing
  • Performance and workforce management
  • Optimization of the work flow
  • Support learning

Since all these functionalities come under one roof, the solution can offer business a greater value to your business. For the most, the organization can experience a lot in terms of cost and productiveness.

Powerful inbound and outbound call center solutions in Kenya

We offer powerful, robust, flexible, and easy to use solution designed for automation and efficient management of call centers, allowing real-time collaboration and improving productivity between agents and supervisors. We offer call center solutions in Kenya,designed to manage inbound and outbound call campaigns.Our solutions are flexible and cost effective, includes all required components to the businesses in Nairobi that aim at establishing a more effective communication with their customers and increasing the customer satisfaction.We offer call center solutions and contact center solutions from Avaya, Cisco and Asterisk.

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Inbound and Outbound call centers – What is the difference

A call center handles the customer engagement  for business. Call center are helping business  for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone.There is different type of call center solutions. A call center setup handle the calls either inbound or outbound. A call center agent might handle lead generation, account inquiries, customer complaints or support issues.

Inbound Call Center

An inbound call center specializes in answering all sorts of incoming business or support  calls.Inbound call centers are  mostly customer service focused in this customers are calling a business or organisation for the answers.The  nature of call handled in inbound calls are sales inquiries,  client support services etc.Customer requests may be related to a product, an order or a billing problem. E-commerce sites are one of the biggest users of Call Center solutions. The management of their  incoming calls are very important to provide quality service to customers. The fame and reputation of a brand may depend on it. As such, We develop  solutions in which  it  forces brands to develop specific processes. You may wonder your business requirements are entirely different. Dont worry with years of experience in call center setup in Nairobi  we customize call center solutions as per our clients specific needs.

Call center Setup in Kenya

 Outbound Call Center

In an Outbound call c enter in Nairobi the call center agents make outbound calls to customers .We help companies in Kenya to connect with your customers with our complete range of outbound call center solutions.As a leading call center solution provider in Kenya we offer high-level of expertise and experienced outbound telephone call handling solutions.

Call Center Solution NairobiWe let your call center agents to work to achieve your business  goals and offer a unique experience to your customers and you don’t have to  worry over how to manage your outgoing calls.With our call center setup in Kenya you can enjoy the  Simplify management of outbound, telemarketing campaigns, polls, and mobile programs through advanced dialing modes, scripts, historical reports, analysis of voice, etc.With our easy to handle  outbound dialing solution to deploy and manage, small and medium businesses now have the functionality they need to move forward.

Contact Center Solutions

Delivering a satisfying customer experience is a top priority for most organizations today. With our Contact Center solutions, the customer interaction routed and processed more rapidly threw several channels. Customers and agents have more channels of interaction threw chat, telephone calls , social media, sms, email and fax. which means your customers experience a reduced waiting times.Consumers are increasingly looking to digital communication methods like social media, SMS, Web chat and email, demanding the flexibility to interact with businesses through their preferred media.

Contact Center Solution KenyaWith a right contact center solution they can contact you wherever they are and on the technology of their choice.This solution enables successful off-shore contact centers, 24/7 strategies and site consolidation to support callers in all markets worldwide.

Call center solutions Nairobi, Kenya – A brilliant idea for a greater customer experience.

Our call center solutions can extend multiple benefits once you have decided to implement it for your expanding business in Nairobi, Kenya. With the best communication technology, your business can go beyond the expected level of productivity and profitability and with proper solutions, you can push customer engagement to gain the leading edge. Last but not least, call center solution is a brilliant approach in which the organizations can enrich the customer-company relationships in a greater level.

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