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Polycom Media Phones

As far as a business is concerned, infrastructure growth is important, particularly in the communication set up. In the changing environment, it is vital to encourage the growth with advanced solutions and systems.  There has been major structural changes happened in the way business communicate by the introduction of VOIP technology. Enterprises find it beneficial to upgrading their communication structure to VOIP systems as it enable business to deliver quality communication to customers over internet at reduced prices and moreover it enhances employee productivity and efficiency as well. Therefore deploying right VOIP technology and systems will turn the up gradation into investments that bring more businesses and customers closer. East African nation Kenya has a conducive environment for the business. In order to maintain strong business relationship and to have strong communication structure, the business in Kenya need effective phone systems. A reliable IP telephony provider can bring effective solutions with the Polycom business media phones Kenya.

Communication solutions for a better future

When it comes to telephony provider in Kenya, VDS is the best. Proficient to delivering class IP solutions to industries of all sizes, we have the expertise to design and install communication solutions with Polycom business media phones Kenya. We have the team who are particularly skilled to offer Polycom solutions.

Polycom is the leader in communication technology that manufacture innovative systems and solutions to the businesses of all types. High end Polycom business telephone systems, conference phones and IP phones are the best to record their expertise in the IP domain. As a Polycom Distributor in Kenya, we guarantee you powerful infrastructure that take your business to new levels.

Improve business communication with Polycom business media phones Kenya

Polycom business media phones offers a powerful experience to the users. The users can enjoy enterprise grade audio and video collaboration with wide array of features. Some of it includes

  • Interoperability with the leading phone systems (IP PBX)
  • Great user face for simple use
  • The phone is easy to install, operate and manage
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Wide range of features

The range of business media phones include the models, VVX 300 series, VVX 400 series, VVX 500 series, VVX 600 series, VVX 1500 and VVX 1500 D. Besides these business media phones, Polycom has the Desktop IP phones designed for Microsoft.

Some of the highlights of Business media phones

  • Enterprise video and audio collaboration
  • High definition voice and video solutions for various needs
  • Wide interoperability with the leading IP PBX systems
  • Simple to use allowing business to reduce on IT costs
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Blue tooth integration

The highlights of Desktop IP phones (CX series for Microsoft)

  • High definition voice for business that use Microsoft Skype for business/Lync
  • Great user collaboration
  • Advanced features of Microsoft Skype
  • User-friendly interface for easy management
  • Plug and play solutions

Polycom VVX 300 business media phone: This is a powerful entry level phone designed for the small environments. It is a good option that delivers high definition communications. It consists of the models 301, 310, 311 IP phones. If you are in search for a high definition phone to handle small volume of calls, then Polycom VVX 300 business media phone is certainly a bet.

Some of the benefits include

  • Enhance the productivity
  • Users can manage the certain Microsoft services
  • Quality administration
  • Enable to make productive calls
  • It is easy to deploy and manage
  • Easy to integrate with web based unified communications and other productivity applications
  • It is able to make changes as per business needs.
  • Polycom HD voice technology for Crystal clear communication
  • SIP protocol support
  • High level safety

Polycom VVX 400 business media phone: This series phones are the mid ranged business media phones for better call handling. Empowered with Polycom HD Voice technology, this phone delivers high quality crystal clear sound. This series are apt for the office workers and call attendants. It can be deployed in hosted or on-premise environments. This phone is easy to use and manage. It is easy to integrate with third-party productivity applications. It consists of the models 401, 410, 411 IP phones.

The benefits include

  • Improve productivity
  • Polycom HD Voice technology provides high quality voice
  • It is scalable and is easy to customize
  • Interoperability with the leading phone systems
  • Color display for better viewing
  • Easy to implement and manage
  • 12 programmable line keys
  • SIP protocol support
  • Voice activity detection
  • Voice mail support

Polycom VVX 500 business media phone:  VVX 500 business media phones are a great investment for busy office environment. This series phones deliver a simple to use Unified communication solution with greater voice capabilities. It is perfect for busy workers such as the executives, managers and so. It has a powerful touch screen interface to enhance the activities. Interoperable with the Skype for business and Office 365. It consists of the model 500 and 501.

Some of the benefits of Polycom VVX 500

  • It is simple to use and maximize productivity
  • Expandable and interoperable
  • Customize according to the user requirement
  • It is easy to maintain and control
  • High quality sound
  • Comfort noise generation
  • Local 3 way audio conferencing
  • Remote missed call notification
  • High level security
  • Advanced calling features

Polycom VVX 600 business media phone: Designed to deliver superior calling experience, this phone is ideal for corporate managers and executives. It is equipped with state of the art features to improve productivity and efficiency. It consists of the model 600 and 601. Business can experience the desktop UC solution. it is equipped with advanced features for high end communication

Advantages are

  • Larger color multi-touch display
  • Enable business to make productive calls
  • Enhance the workspace mobility by the Bluetooth headset
  • These phones are expandable and customizable
  • It is easy to use and deploy
  • Advanced call handling features
  • SIP protocol support
  • Polycom HD voice and acoustic clarity technology
  • Improved productivity

Polycom VVX 1500 and VVX 1500 D: Combined with advanced IP telephony features, these phones are video conference-enabled phones. It delivers a class communication experience to small and medium business environments and to large enterprises.

Polycom VVX 1500 Business media phone: This is the first media phone combining advanced telephony features that offers a great communication experience to the customers. It comes with unified video and audio capabilities. The users can access the video, voice and the web content with a single touch.

The features include

  • Advanced call handling features
  • Polycom HD voice technology for high clarity sound
  • Easy to use and customizable
  • Improved productivity
  • and more

Polycom VVX 1500 D is perfect for SIP and H.323 environments. It has advanced telephony features and unified communication solution. This dual stack business phone comes is powered with easy to use personal communication solution. It makes the video calling simple.

Its highlights include

  • Single touch to access voice video and web content
  • Customizable as per user requirement
  • Polycom HD voice
  • Call handling features and more

Why Polycom Business media phones Nairobi, Kenya?

Polycom IP phones Kenya delivers quality features to the growing business. To meet the other various business communication needs, Polycom has got a wonderful line up of IP phones and conference phones as well. With the polycom Kenya, we enable your business to deliver expected results. These systems offers good hardware and software flexibility and this makes enterprises to pick Polycom systems as their favorite choice. Call us today on +234 14408180 and talk to one of our sales engineers for your telecom requirements or send us an email to [email protected] and get immediate response for your queries.



Polycom VVX 300

The Polycom VVX 300 phone is a versatile VoIP solution. Use the RJ9 port to plug in a headset, or use the full duplex speakerphone for conferencing. Built-in HD voice is enhanced by onboard echo cancellation and background noise reduction technology.

Expand the Polycom VVX 300 for power users like receptionists or busy office workers. Attendant consoles offer more buttons and can be used to monitor extensions. The dual Ethernet ports let you connect a PC to the phone, allowing you to manage the features through a web-based GUI.



Polycom VVX 310

The Polycom VVX 310 phone is a powerful VoIP solution. Plug a headset into the RJ9 port to plug, or set up the full duplex speakerphone for conferencing. HD voice is provided to all outputs and is enhanced by onboard echo cancellation and background noise reduction technology.

Expand the Polycom VVX 310 with an attendant console, for users like receptionists or busy office workers. Expansion attendant consoles offer more tools to monitor expansions. The dual gigabit-speed Ethernet ports can connect a PC to the phone, letting you manage the features through a web-based GUI.



Polycom VVX 400

The Polycom® VVX® 400 is a durable mid-range business phone that delivers unsurpassed voice quality and clarity. It provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution for front line staff handling moderate call volumes. The intuitive color user interface makes navigation easy and requires minimal training. It improves productivity for office workers and easy to use line appearances. The VVX 400 is also extensible and supports “sidecar” expansion modules as your users’ needs and business grows later. The VVX 410 model also comes with a built-in Gigabit Ethernet bridge to connect a high speed device to your phone.



Polycom VVX 410

The Polycom VVX 410 is an expandable VoIP phone with HD voice and SIP interoperability. Support for up to 12 line appearances and available attendant consoles give you more controls over callers and extensions. For hands-free telephony, connect a headset to the RJ9 port..Echo cancellation and background noise reduction technology cleans up the already crystal-clear HD voice. Conference through the full duplex Speakerphone or chat through the headset, all with amazing audio quality.

Connect a PC to the Polycom VVX 410 via the gigabit-speed Ethernet ports. Use your mouse to take advantage of the web-based GUI, for operating and managing the phone. UC interoperability offers third-party app integration, live reporting of weather and other data, as well as letting you send a quick message.



Polycom VVX 500

The Polycom VVX 500 IP phone is a new class of IP desk phone with extraordinary technology innovation. The Polycom VVX 500 is ideal for multitasking professionals, receptionists or group admins who require multi-call management with quick and responsive call handling. The VVX 500 also comes with a built-in Gigabit Ethernet bridge to connect a high speed device to your phone



Polycom VVX 600

The Polycom VVX 600 IP is the-top-of-the-line flagship phone in the new class of IP desk phones with extraordinary technology innovation. The Polycom VVX 600 is an exceptional choice for executives and senior managers, busy multitasking professionals, or even receptionists or group admins who perform high volume multi-call management and require the ultimate in quick and responsive call handling. The VVX 600 also comes with a built-in Gigabit Ethernet bridge to connect a high speed device to your phone.



Polycom VVX 1500

Polycom VVX 1500 is an all-in-one device for VoIP and video conferencing. The telephony features on this phone include support for six line appearances, and HD voice through the handset or speakerphone. A USB and RJ9 port provide connections for a headset.



Polycom VVX1500D

Polycom VVX 1500 D Business Media Phone is  offers the unification of voice, video and applications in one easy-to-use desktop solution. The VVX 1500D features a touch screen interface to help ensure video calls are as easy to make as a regular phone call. The VVX 1500 D has a large display and ease of use to make it ideal for busy professionals in a variety of environments.The VVX 1500D is equipped with all of the capabilities of an SIP IP phone, including six lines, HD Voice technology, a Gigabit Ethernet switch that will support PoE, and a host of telephony functions . These features are easily accessed with the buttons on the front of the phone, or by simply touching the color display. Voice telephony functionality required integration with a Polycom-certified SIP call control platform.



Polycom VVX Camera

Delivers a best-in-class personal video communications experience that helps you work



Polycom VVX Expansion Module

Compatible with the Polycom VVX 300/310, 400/410, 500 and 600 phones. An easy way to transform your VoIP phone into a fully-featured attendant console. Ideal for power users, including receptionists and more.



Polycom VVX LCD Expansion Module

This LCD expansion module can turn your phone into a viable attendant console. Compatible with the Polycom VVX 300/310, 400/410, 500 and 600 VoIP phones.cing support.