Zycoo Telephone System

Technology has redefined business communication in many ways. There has been a tremendous improvement in the communication landscape particularly with the introduction of VOIP technology. With IP based solutions, businesses are able to better manage their telephone expenses and refined solutions that improve business productivity and efficiency. In addition to these benefits, right combination of IP systems improve the customer experience as well. These systems can drive business to achieve its goals in a convinced way. Implementing with IP based telephone systems (IP PBX systems) therefore is vital to make your business success. When it comes to business solutions in Kenya, the deployment of VOIP technology is crucial to promote progress. It helps to simplify business activities in an enhanced way and also drive efficient business management. A key IP telephony provider can make the change with advanced solutions and systems. They elevate your strategies with popular systems in market.

Delivering communication solutions with Zycoo business telephone system Kenya

Zycoo is reckoned as the leading IP telephony solution provider, has dedicated itself to develop IP phone systems to the various industrial needs. The solutions developed by company enabled many business to achieve its communication objectives. The portfolio of IP products they manufacture include the IP telephone system, IP phones, SIP speaker and other applications.

We at VDS Kenya is instrumental to bringing quality telephone solutions to the various industrial needs in Kenya. As a foremost telephony company in Kenya, we bring your business to the front with Zycoo IP PBX systems and Zycoo IP phones Kenya. To the surprise Zycoo Kenya comes with comprehensive PBX systems including CooVox-U20 V2, CooVox-U50 V2, CooVox-U80 and CooVox-U100 V2.

Zycoo IP phone system for enhanced productivity and profitability

The introduction of Zycoo systems really have changed the way the business communicates. It is a great blessing for the enterprises looking for advanced systems in an affordable way. Besides having advanced telephony functions such as the remote connections, call recording, call detail records, it has voice mail and automated attendant. With the greater hardware and software flexibility these systems offers an unmatched experience to the business. Let’s have a look at some of the features of these systems.

Zycoo CooVox-U20 V2: Designed to meet today’s business communication requirements CooVox-U20 V2 is a wonderful option for the small medium business enterprises. Considered as the next generation smart telephone systems, it comes with both the features of traditional PBX systems and IP PBX systems. The system is scalable, interoperable and highly reliable that is able to meet the most complex communication environments.

Some of the features include

  • Advanced calling features including call recording, call routing, call forwarding, call on hold etc…
  • Support 3 way conferencing and video call
  • Call monitoring
  • Mobility extension
  • Voice mail to email
  • Support up to 15 concurrent calls
  • Support up to 15 conferences
  • Graphical user interface in multiple languages
  • Phone provisioning
  • Automatic call distribution

Zycoo CooVox-U50 V2: This is considered to be the next generation hybrid IP PBX system designed for today’s business environment. It is a perfect option for small and medium businesses that support up to 100 extensions. Come with the modular design, it is very easy to expand the system with more telephony ports. It supports SIP trunks, PSTN connectivity, mobile GSM and more. Like the previous system, it is scalable, affordable and reliable. It comes with both the features of traditional PBX systems and IP PBX systems.

Just consider some of its features

  • Remote extensions
  • Remote office connection
  • Call recording
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Conference Bridge
  • Web dial
  • Call forwarding, Cal on hold, blind transfer, video calls, 3 way conferencing and more
  • Fax to email
  • Voice mail to email
  • Support up to 30 simultaneous calls

Zycoo Asterisk based IP PBX systems Kenya 

Zycoo CooVox-U80: Perfect for the medium to large business environments Zycoo CooVox-U80 is a next generation IP PBX system with advanced features and functionalities. Based on the powerful Asterisk 13, it brings the finest unified communication solution with ground-breaking IP features. CooVox-U80 is capable to support up to 200 extensions and 60 simultaneous calls. The system is cost effective, scalable, reliable and interoperable and has the power to deliver class communication solutions. Equipping your business with CooVox-U80 in many ways is beneficial for the business in Kenya.

Its features tell why it is best in Kenya

  • Support up to 200 extensions and 60 calls
  • Support up to 40 concurrent conference attendants
  • Automatic recording
  • Call detail recoding
  • Video call and call forward and call transfer
  • Do not Disturb feature (DND)
  • Voice mail to email

Zycoo CooVox-U100 V2: It is an asterisk based next generation IP PBX system devoted for the Small and Medium business environments. It is enhanced with the Asterisk 13 to bring you brilliant unified communication experience with the advanced features. Zycoo CooVox-U100 V2 is able to support up to 500 extensions and 100 simultaneous calls. Additionally it supports up to 80 concurrent attendees.

Here are the features that make CooVox-U100 V2 a powerful option for your business

  • Support up to 500 extensions and 100 calls
  • Automatic recording
  • Call detailed recording
  • Advanced calling features
  • Video call
  • Remote extensions
  • Enhanced security with various protocols
  • DND feature and more

Powering business with leading service provider in Nairobi Kenya

Powerful solutions means enhanced productivity and efficiency. It is true with Zycoo telephone systems Kenya. Creating systems with a trusted solution provider is beneficial. As a Zycoo distributor in Kenya, we at VDS Kenya has the power to create unmatched IP solutions that takes your business to new levels. From designing to installation, we take the job of providing complete solutions in terms with the ethical practices and country regulations. Therefore you get the better solutions always. Headquartered at Mombasa, we have so many prestigious clients to our credit that we think as a true appreciation. Whatever be your communication requirements, our experienced and talented professionals could deliver quality solutions that fit your requirement and budget. Call us today on +254 757128960 and talk to one of our sales engineers for your telecom requirements or send us an email to [email protected] and get immediate response for your queries.

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