CRM & Telephone System Integration Kenya

Thanks to the progress in technology, today we are able to communicate easily and have prompt access to wide range of information resources. The way we communicate has changed the most, as advances in technologies have revolutionized the telephone domain. The introduction of internet started a new age in communication, it has brought the people and business closer and enable business to have faster access to information. It also led to emergence of advanced solutions allowing business to have best in class communication experience. Kenya is emerging to be the finest commercial hub in the African market. Therefore business in Kenya must have refined telephone solutions for a better communication structure. Here the importance of CRM telephone integration Kenya comes.

Enhancing the productivity of your business with CRM telephone integration

Integrating phone system with CRM can bring lot of advantages to your enterprise where it enable business to improve the business activities. We at VDS Kenya is devoted to offering professional CRM phone integration service with popular CRM applications. Integrating the phone system with the CRM makes the daily phone tasks easy and ensure everything is properly tracked in the CRM. This will be more useful in communicating with the various departments in an office. Softphones (software application for making calls over internet using computer) allow users to call from anywhere provided they have access to internet.

Some of the benefits of CRM telephone integration Kenya

  • Recording the calls for quality assurance
  • Giving the Pop up screen to the agents with the caller information
  • Enable business to record all the call data

How the CRM integration make the business process simple?

Managing calls in a busy environment is challenging. As far the business productivity is concerned tracking the call flow will be beneficial in many ways. Besides having the complete control on calls, it improves the call handling process. If the caller is not in your CRM database, then the “call up” permits you to create a new contact under that call. There are other tasks that can be linked effectively to the incoming call pop up on computer i.e. to create a ticket, create lead, and create contact and even assigned tickets to your existing customers. Here are some ways that make call handling easy.

  • Customization is possible: To meet the individual requirements of the users, several call features can be customized.
  • Create the activities automatically: the calling activities can be saved automatically.
  • Caller recognition: Upon receiving the calls, the CRM will search the information about the caller and display
  • Screen Pops: The call activities (both the incoming and outgoing calls) can be configured to pop up automatically.

There are several other features that can be offered with the integration. Our CRM integration solution works fine with the leading phone systems. With our solution, the company can increase the productivity of a business sales or marketing team. We offer our services to varied industries such as the restaurants, hospitals, online stores, real estate and institutions. We have solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Telephone integration, Sales force Telephone integration, Odoo [Open ERP] Telephone Integration and Vtiger Telephone Integration.

Salesforce Integration with telephone systems

It will be difficult to manage the list of growing customers and their data which are stored in different locations. Salesforce CRM gives your business the flexibility to manage the customer data in an efficient way. It enable business to improve the customer satisfaction and make better decisions. We at VDS Kenya is adept at bringing scalable solutions through Salesforce CRM integration with your telephone systems. When you have a Salesforce Telephone System Integration, you get the following advantages:

  • Screen Pops in incoming calls: Upon receiving the calls, the CRM search the database for the number. If it find match, the CRM pop up a page showing the contact information.
  • Click to dial: it makes the dialing simple. All phone numbers in the CRM become clickable links. All you need to do is to click to get connected to those numbers.
  • Automatic call logging: All the details of the calls will be logged on the Salesforce CRM.

Many other features are available to make the calling experience so powerful. You can contact us to know more about the Salesforce CRM telephone integration Kenya.

Making your business communication so reliable and powerful

We provide you with custom made CRM solutions that suits your specific environment. We have team of CRM Developers who are skilled to develop changes as per the requirement. The major benefit to using this service is that it enables your sales person to access customer information in real-time to deliver the correct information to them during telephone support calls.

Our CRM Telephony Integration solutions Nairobi are intended to be both scalable and reliable that meets the growing demands of today’s business environments. Being a major telephony provider in Kenya, we carry out the job of telephone system installation and support as well. We have solutions with the well-known IP PBX brands and our telephone system installation Kenya offer maximum deployment flexibility to the client communication requirements. Highly skilled in the domain of IP telephony Kenya, our state of the art solutions are in line with the latest technologies and practices. Call us today on +234 14408180 and talk to one of our sales engineers for your telecom requirements or send us an email to [email protected] and get immediate response for your queries.