Lifesize Video Conferencing Systems Kenya

Lifesize in Kenya provides advanced conferencing technology that provides your organization the power to link and also team up successfully. Lifesize offers high-quality sound, video, and data are conferencing modern technology to attach organizations in the meeting room, at the desktop computer, on mobile phones, and also throughout the web.  Lifesize Video Conferencing systems collaborate to incorporate HD Camera systems and even HD Audio via a secure, complete, as well as cost-effective service called Lifesize Cloud. The Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing and enable you to unite your whole organization, rapidly and securely. Lifesize history of video conferencing development has progressed to include all the means of means enterprises meeting requirement there Room Systems, as well as Web Meeting. With a distinct combination of plug-and-play HD camera systems and HD conference phones along with simple cloud-based conferencing software application, VDS supply a meeting experience like nothing else.

Expand Your Communications Options with Lifesize VC in Nairobi

Do you want to meet with an essential but geographically distant client? Want the enhanced interactions that in-person meetings provide but find on your own restricted by travel prices? Lifesize HD Videoconferencing systems offer the feeling of in-person conferences at a fraction of the expense and time that out-of-town traveling calls for. With HD video conferencing, you’ll seem like you’re in the same room with participants. The Voice is crisp and also clear. The picture is HD. A lack of technology does not restrict you. You can expand your common boundaries as well as meet with suppliers, companions, and customers.

Lifesize Video Conferencing Distributor KenyaLifesize video conferencing systems are characterized by an exceptional price-performance ratio and also intuitive operation. With  Desktop / Mobile / Browser  Conferencing options, room systems, and even a wide range of devices, the Lifesize profile consists of video conferencing services to fulfill practically every demand.  Lifesize offers cost-effective service for any organization that wishes to apply professional interactions for interior groups, remote workers, partners, and clients. Lifesize Video Conferencing solutions make sure everyone can interact with video, audio, and information, from anywhere, with ease.

The Lifesize Cloud unites applications for any kind of mobile device, consisting of iPhone as well as Android, conference room systems for huddle rooms, boardroom, boardrooms, and theaters along with the recording, streaming, reporting, and analytics. It is interoperable with any type of standards-based Video Conferencing systems, Skype for Business as well as WebRTC.


Features of LifeSize Video Conferencing in Nairobi

LifeSize Video  Conferencing solutions in Nairobi have made Video Conferencing genuinely viable methods of Interaction. It’s not merely the top quality of the video, sound,  convenience of installation and use as well as budget-friendly prices that make LifeSize different. As your demands grow as well as your organization expands, your LifeSize Video conferencing system could broaden too. All our hardware and software are fully compatible, so today’s investment will always be part of tomorrow’s use. The Installation consists of small configuration with only a few connection points.  With a series of software applications as well as equipment options to match every requirement and spending plan from large Organisations, SMB’s as well as multinational companies, to universities and hospitals, down to charities and also the local business – LifeSize has a solution.
LifeSize Video Conferencing Solutions features:

  • Remarkable HD video and audio quality;
  • Smooth streaming, recording, as well as playback;
  • Simple setup and operation;
  • Military-grade information safety and security for both server-based and cloud-based solutions
  • Highest quality production criteria
  • Scalable as well as budget-friendly remedies
  • Flexible execution – can be utilized in boardrooms, in your home, as well as from any computer system or mobile phone
  • With LifeSize Video Conferencing it feels as though you are all in the very same room


Lifesize Video Conferencing System for all type of Organisations in Nairobi

LifeSize Video Conferencing is a Fully Integrated System suits all kind of organizations and Meeting requirements. For Board Rooms, LifeSize Video Conferencing system uses a choice of software and hardware alternatives to guarantee that your interactions are without any technological problems. Effective, multipoint video conferencing and also audio capture gadgets ensure the quality of your collaboration is not influenced whether you are utilizing a server-based or organized solution. For Lectures & Conferences, Simpleness and quality are the secrets. Any person anywhere can begin streaming, videotaping, or signing up with a call. Although the number of individuals is listening or getting involved, top-quality communication will certainly not be lessened. For Office and Travel: Relying on your demands, you could establish a permanent remote station, or you can function from your desktop, laptop computer, or mobile device. Either way, you’ll appreciate premium quality audio and also video communication with your associates. Regardless of where you are in the world, or the number of people you need to combine, LifeSize Video Conferencing has remedies to meet your video conferencing requirements. Why battle with the alternative service providers when LifeSize Video Conferencing services can make all your endeavors extra efficient, cost-effective, and also secure. For all the video conferencing functions, lifesize solutions offered at a remarkably profitable rate.

Why Choose LifeSize Video Conferencing System in Kenya

The power of communication is increasingly vital, and that is why video conferencing systems are developed to promote the quality, efficiency, and duration of the meetings with consumers, suppliers, collaborators, and so on. Lifesize Video Conferencing system helps you communicate with anybody located on the other side of the world and allow you to record the conversation for future reference. Video Conferencing Systems help you or Your organization, cost savings in travel prices, Risk in Travel, Time Saving. The outcome is much faster decision-making. Lifesize is the only video conferencing system that has gotten rid of complicated equipment from meeting rooms. Except for the video terminals, the whole service is based on its software. Therefore, whether you choose to utilize our cloud for your video conferencing or produce your cloud system, with Lifesize, you will certainly never need to worry about disturbance problems with your video conferencing. Forget the old pricy and difficult to manage video conferencing systems, only beneficial to larger firms with large IT departments. Lifesize offer one-touch Video conferencing, that placed your meeting room in contact with the remainder of the world. Lifesize deals with the perfect solution to offer an unmatched user experience to your business.

As a Leading Lifesize Distributor in Nairobi, we offer a complete portfolio of Lifesize VC Products.our extensive experience and knowledge of Lifesize Room Systems, Lifesize Cloud, and Lifesize UVC  has enabled us to provide support for a single basic system through to some of the most intricate and unusual video conferencing infrastructure setups in Kenya.

Our service is available in other parts of Kenya as well including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Thika, Nakuru, and Malindi.