Avaya Distributor in Kenya

Its time business to adapt to the latest development in the communication technology. VOIP technology has transformed many business to become more competent and productive in many ways.  With the improved communication strategies, your business can gain competitive advantage over your counterparts. Avaya’s IP based solutions and systems make it easier for you to achieve the desired communication goals.

Kenya is fast changing. So should be your business. A good way to upgrade your business with the Avaya systems is to contact a trusted Avaya distributor in Kenya.

In what ways the Avaya systems will be beneficial for your business?

  • Enhancing business productivity
  • Reduce the communication costs
  • Rich user experience
  • Saves bandwidth
  • Simply communication with single system
  • Improve business relationships
  • Affordable solutions

Given the advantages, in all aspects, it is worthwhile to go for the Avaya systems.

Avaya Distributor KenyaAvaya has the reputation in industry as the technology leader in the IP telephony and wireless communication solutions. Being a leader in the unified communications the company has wide portfolio of IP based products for the video conferencing and IP telephony solutions. The products include various models of Avaya IP phones and video conferencing systems. Designed and manufactured with the future trends in mind, the Avaya IP systems are definitely a powerhouse for your communication infrastructure. It’s no surprise that the small and medium businesses choose Avaya solutions for their business needs.

Achieving new heights with the leading Avaya distributor in Kenya.

We have the communication solution with the leading Avaya products that can be implemented in any size business. Video conferencing and IP telephony solutions with Avaya helps your business to reach greater levels. Perfectly suitable to any network conditions, Avaya video conferencing provides crisp, smooth quality, greater bandwidth efficiency and error free solutions to the organizations. It’s a best way that enable participants to have direct meetings, share documentation and content without the need to travel. Furthermore, with the Avaya Scopia application, you can join video conference easily from your desktop and mobiles.

Just consider some of the advantages

  • Full duplex transmission of sound simultaneously
  • Powerful speakers augment audio pick up
  • Noise suppression feature reduce the background disturbances
  • Good for Board rooms and large conference rooms
  • Clear transmission during meetings

It is important to create a successful relation among the clients, investors and other teams in the modern day business. Avaya office telephone system allows a more flexible and sophisticated mode of communication to the business participants. Embracing a change over in accord with the modern communication tools such as the IP PBX system or IP telephone system would be a good start to build a strong and efficient relationship.

Avaya telephone systems – a good way to enrich your communication experience

Your communications goals can be effectively achieved through the Avaya series of IP PBX systems and phones. It make sure that your exact communication requirement is met, as well it enable your entire workforce to interact and connect without any issues through Avaya IP phones.

We come along with a collection of Avaya IP phones and solutions that define how your business should communicates with the world. The range of some of Avaya phones includes the 9600 series IP Desk phones, 1600 series IP Deskphones, 1400 series IP Deskphones, 1200 series IP deskphones, 1100 series IP deskphones, 9400 series Digital Deskphones and 9500 series Digital IP deskphones.

Enhanced solutions with the leading Avaya Distributor in Kenya

If you have made the decision to develop your business communication needs or to establish a whole new infrastructure in Kenya, it is beneficial to put trust in Avaya systems and solutions. Even though a lot more other solutions are available, Avaya is still the leader in offering office telephone (IP telephony) system and wireless solutions all through the world. As an experienced Avaya Distributor in Kenya we recommend Avaya IP telephony solutions is the most suitable for you. With years of experience we are regarded as the best telephone system (IP telephony) provider in Kenya that are capable to provide solutions with the Avaya phones. We are functioning in the emirates of Eldoret, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Mombasa, Thika, Al Ain and Kisumu as well. We plan, implement and incorporate conference systems that suits your business atmosphere thus making your business more dynamic.

As the leading Avaya distributor in Kenya, we deal with all types of VOIP solutions as well as Avaya Support across the entire Nairobi region.