Get Remote IT Support Services for All Your Systems in Nairobi Kenya

Our desktop computers, Laptops, phones, MacBooks and server-based systems are vulnerable to various software issues and hacking attacks. Most of these issues cause a major loss in productivity as one has to spend a large amount of time fixing them. Without getting these issues fixed, it would be quite difficult to get back on track. In such cases, remote IT support services in Nairobi can come to your rescue.

Remote online support means one can get professional IT support from the comfort of their own home or business almost instantly. A certified remote customer service agent accesses your computer through a remote access software and helps to fix your problems within no time. VDS Remote computer tech support teams in Kenya work around the clock and provide you with instant services for all your systems.

Remote desktop support services are not only restricted to issues and bug fixes but can prove to be quite beneficial in routine activities like software installation, virus removal and general problems you may face day by day. Let us delve deeper into how these services work and what are the advantages of getting remote online IT support Nairobi.

How Does Remote Support Work?

The working of a remote customer support service is quite similar to that of the traditional method except for the fact that it is faster, saves you money and helps reduce productivity losses. Let us understand the basic difference between traditional support and online support with the help of an example.

Suppose, you’re the owner of a small business that incorporates the PBX/PABX system for switching calls in your office, it may so happen that one day you’re facing some issues in switching your calls. We can support the office telephone system which has a web configuration interface.

Remote It Pbx Support NairobiTraditionally, you would call on the customer support and ask for their services. Your request is registered, a technician is allocated who has to come on-site to check out the issue, and provide a solution for the same. However, the entire process of asking for a service and waiting for the technician to arrive is very time-consuming. Unless your system is backed up, you can potentially lose a significant amount of business. It may also happen that the issue was very minor. In this scenario, the major loss was caused by waiting for your desired service.

In these situations, remote PBX system support in Nairobi services would have fared much better. Most of these services have 24/7 support, and you can chat with a technician about your issues instantly. After providing the details of your problem, he may monitor your system online using encrypted software and check for the issues. We support Yeastar PBX, Grandstream, Avaya, Dlink, Zycoo, NEC and Cisco PBX System remotely.

Once the issue is identified, he may suggest remedies for the same. This is quite similar to asking a friend for help; the only difference in remote online PABX support services is that the technician can access your system and make the desired modification from his desk.

Thus, we can summarize the working of remote support service as an online help and support system that does not have to rely on the physical presence of the technician at the site where the fault is diagnosed. It generally provides solutions to all your issues from a remote location by accessing your system through an encrypted software.

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What Issues Can Be Resolved Through Remote Support Services?

Remote support can deal with a range of issues that you may face in your day-to-day activities. They may be related to the software, hardware or the network system. If there are no underlying issues, then it is quite likely that you’re stuck during the installation of software, or maybe facing issues that are not necessarily causing any harm to your PC. However, these issues could be slowing down the performance rate of your device. Since a remote IT help desk support in Nairobi has access to your computer, any such software issues can be identified and a proper solution can be worked out for the same.

The following are the various services that one can opt for through remote support:

  • Issues that are causing your computer to slow down, for instance, repeated crashing, freezing or slow processing.
  • The ‘Blue Screen’ issue in Windows
  • Hacking attacks in the form of hijacking on your browser, phishing attacks, incessant pop-ups, data leak due to key loggers and so on.
  • Virus quarantine services for Viruses, Trojans, Malware and other kinds of backdoor infection.
  • Removal of spyware, adware and other miscreants that may infect your rootkit
  • Difficulty in booting up your computer or a sluggish rate of a reboot.
  • Optimization and customization of the Operating System.
  • Installation of driver and software or adding patches to existing software to fix installation problems
  • Removal of bloatware and unnecessary data which is occupying unnecessary storage space
  • Installation and up-gradation of antivirus and anti-malware software.
  • Creating a backup for recovery in case of a disaster
  • Problems related to the Internet/Website/Email
  • Domain, hosting and other network-related issues
  • Performing health checkups of your IT systems
  • Problems related to audio, video and other hardware like printers, scanners, etc.
  • Faults pertaining to your USB or wireless devices.

What Is the Cost of Remote Support in Nairobi?

Remote IT customer support services in Nairobi usually charge a one-time setup fee. Post payment of this fee, secure access is granted to your service provider. You can then choose your payment plan as pay-per-service, monthly plans or choose a pack with a fixed number of services, like five/ten services per year and so on.

Advantages of Remote Support in Nairobi

Remote support is more convenient, cost-effective and allows you the freedom to get immediate attention from the comfort of your homes without having to wait for the arrival of a technician. This helps you prevent precious loss of productivity. It also provides the desired flexibility for acquiring support from technicians across the globe. As your support team is remotely located, getting help becomes much easier than before, no matter where you are. Apart from being faster and more convenient, it has the greatest advantage of being available 24 hours a week for all seven days.

Remote computer service in Nairobi is a great way to get instant help for all your issues at a minimum cost. With the right service provider, you can be assured that you do not have to wait tirelessly for getting help from distinguished experts.