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Working from home is an ideal way to have with new challenges and realities in Kenya. Coronavirus is dominating all our lives at the moment, making it difficult to not only socialize but also to commute to work. To limit our interaction with one another and safeguard our healths, those that are able will be working from home. As a result, companies are implementing flexible and remote working policies for their employees. For many of us, it looks like working from home is expected to become our norm for the foreseeable.

Remote Working for Nairobi Businesses

With the number of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) confirmed cases on the rise in Kenya, more and more Nairobi businesses are either preparing the grounds to allow their staff to work remotely or already have taken action to have their team start working from home. But what exactly is needed to get your team working from home in Nairobi? How will this affect your Nairobi business? How much does remote working costs? And how can you ensure that your business’s security is not compromised?

Remote work-forces have been used by many businesses around the world for many years now. Internet connections are constantly getting faster (for less), and Startup companies are consistently providing us with free or low cost comprehensive online tools to communicate, manage, and collaborate our business teams wherever they are. It’s no surprise that many businesses choose to have remote working implemented at their companies.

Remote working provides a ‘business as usual’ solution when staff is working away from the office. They can communicate (Chat, Voice Call & Video Call), share information (Share Screens, Share Files & Documents) and can collaborate on any project and business tasks as if they were sitting just next to each other. At times working remotely would be the sensible thing to do (for example a conference call where participants are located in different countries) and at other times it will be the only option you have. With the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses might be forced to close their offices and have their staff working remotely.

work-from-home-solutions-nairobi-kenyaSo how can your staff work remotely in Kenya?

There are only many ways your staff and teams can work remotely. We will elaborate further on each option later, but in a nutshell, the three ways to work away from the office are:

  1. Connect to your Business Resources and work threw Secure VPN and Work as if you were at your office
  2. Connect to a Video Conferencing Platform. Where All the employees can engage each other in multi-party conferencing and engage with customers.
  3. I am using A VoIP telephone system that supports remote worker extension, Video, and Audio.
  4. Connect to a Remote Desktop

Working remotely might be the only way you could keep your business running. If done correctly, working away from the office can increase productivity and efficiency.

VPN Service For Remote Working In Kenya

The majority of businesses today still have their IT equipment physically located in their offices. They run all their business software and services (such as Email, Files & Folders Share, Accounting Software, CRM Software, Database Systems, etc.) on Your IT equipment (namely their Servers and Data Storage). With Secure VPN Services, we enable all these resources to make available in Remote worker Desktop securely. If you and your team want to gain access to your software and services, all you need to do is to connect to your office network from your remote location. You will be able to use these as if you were sitting at your office desk.

VPN is the most secure way to connect to your office network in Nairobi, as it creates a secure link between your office and the remote location, allowing the person who connected remotely to gain access to all available software and services on that network. We can provide you with secure VPN Services in Kenya for Work From Home Office Setup.


Work From Home Video Conferencing Nairobi

Making your presence known when you work remotely can be a challenge for some. Although some workers might prefer to keep a low profile when they telecommute, it’s really in your best interest to increase your visibility as much as possible. One of the rules of working remotely is that you won’t necessarily be seen by coworkers during a typical workday. It’s realistic to assume that shifting to the ‘home office’ will become the new normal for many of us.
Coronavirus or not, the key to working from home is clear communication with your Colleagues and  Customers and knowing precisely what’s expected of you. We offer Outstanding work from home video conferencing solutions match with all type of business. We do your work from home video meetings. Communication is easy and effortless. We offer Cloud Platforms such as Microsoft Meetup, Zoom, and Bluejeans. We also Facilitate Hardware equipment, provide a native experience for these platforms, and ensure the best work from home Experience.


Technology advances have made it possible to work from anywhere. People can accomplish just as much, if not more, with flexible work settings and hours. The office doesn’t have to be an everyday requirement — at least not for all jobs. Work no longer needs to be a place. Instead, it’s what you do regardless of your location.

Work From Home Telephone System Nairobi

We offer VoIP telephone systems in Nairobi that enable you to mobilize your workforce anywhere we want easily.  Force to close the office because of the corona issue? Our solutions allow your business to receive the customer calls coming to the office to any remote working staff. Our IP Telephone System solution enables the organization team members to collaborate with both Audio and Video Channels effectively.



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