Avaya J169 IP Phone Nairobi


Avaya J169 IP Phone

The Avaya J169 IP Phone is one of the best business communication tools that you can invest in for your office today. If your workplace depends on effective business communication through a reliable tool with many features to help you to increase your efficiency and collaboration, then this 8-line phone from Avaya is one that you should consider for a lot of reasons.


Avaya J169 SIP Phone Kenya

The Avaya J169 IP Phone in Kenya is a moderately priced, effective IP phone that looks as professional as you’d want to be when placed on a desk. The grey color makes it a good fit for most corporate environments and it blends in well with modern table styles. The phone features a monochrome display that shows the user important information like the menu, caller information, and others. There are 4 soft keys and three 24-button Expansion Modules that allow for enhanced functionality.

Like most capable IP phones by Avaya, the Avaya J169 IP Phone in Nairobi helps you to make the most of your company’s IP network to provide comprehensive, crispy telephone calls and voice communication for all your office locations. It is well-suited for the Avaya IP Office™ platform and is flexible enough to be adapted to many different functions in a corporate setting.

Top Features of the Avaya J169 IP Phone

  • Full duplex speakerphone for handsfree communication and effective conference calls
  • An excellent and comfortable handset that is compatible with most hearing aids which are ideal for use with disability-friendly workplaces.
  • A wide range of ringtones can also be programmed to different contacts for more effective call notification.
  • Ergonomically friendly stand: usable as a standing desk phone and comes with an optional wall mount stand.
  • A bright display screen for notifications, an operation menu, and general functions
  • LEDs for different functions such as a speaker, mute, message and history
  • Registers as a class 1 device with support for 802.3az

avaya j169 kenya

Benefits of using the Avaya J169 IP Phone

  • Excellent audio quality: Expect crisp, clear audio performance from this phone for your conference calls, voicemails and any communication need you may have at your company
  • A wide range of features to help increase business productivity
  • Comes with two Ethernet interfaces to ensure effective network communication and connectivity
  • Wide display that is easy to read and clearly shows notifications

If you are looking for a cost-effective, capable and flexible IP phone solution for your workplace, you should consider the Avaya J169 IP Phone in Kenya as it has proven over the years to be an excellent business communication device. Avaya also provides excellent after-sales support so in case you have any technical issues, you are sure that there are service centers that will help you with repairs or replacements.

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