Yealink VCC22 Camera Kenya


Yealink VCC22 Camera

The VCC22 from Yealink is a next-generation  Video Conferencing Camera designed for VC800 Conferencing System. It supports 1080p60 quality, and HD PTZ and delivers high-definition capture of up to 1080p at 60 FPS. You can add up to eight VCC22 units to a VC800 Video Conferencing System. This product is perfect for creating a multi-camera Video conferencing system. The POE Supported VC222 Bring simplicity to your VC Deployment.


The Yealink VC222 in Detail

VCC22, the Yealink next-gen video conferencing camera in Kenya, is designed for Yealink VC800 Video Conferencing System with striking 1080p60 quality and developed optics. It has an HD CMOS sensor plus 12X optical zoom which power the VCC22 HD PTZ and deliver high-definition capture of up to 1080p60, presenting professional video images and excellent multi-environment adaptability.

The Yealink VC222 Supplied with  HD CMOS sensor plus 12X optical zoom lens. The VC222 can provide professional VC Video with high-definition capture of up to 1080p60 and HD PTZ. The VC222 is used in multi-camera video conferencing system in which it uses as an additional video conferencing camera. The Yealink VC800 and VC880 Video conferencing systems support this addon VC Camera. The VC800 Support 8 additional VC222 and the VC880 Support additional 9 VC222 respectively. The multi-camera video conferencing system using VC222 is ideal for very large meeting rooms and Auditoriums wherever a high number of users include in the video meeting.

The Yealink VC222 support POE and you can use a POE Switch to power up the device. It also supports Multi-camera image splice, Multi-camera image splice including onePlusN, N*N, and full-screen display options. Along with PTZ Support the VC222 camera having a 70-degree horizontal field of view and 42-degree vertical field of view.

yealink multi camera conferencing

Yealink VC800 supports up to 8 VCC22 cameras and VC880 supports up to 9 VCC22 cameras, developing a typical Yealink multi-camera solution. This dead-zone-free solution is suitable for every large meeting room and auditorium, and it can send one multi-image video to the far side by piecing different video images from different cameras together. Furthermore, it supports various video layouts, including onePlusN,\ N*N, full screen, you can control the cameras or adjust camera layout by remote control, CP960 conference phone or control device as well, minus any pricey video matrix.

Yealink VCC22 in Nairobi supports PoE, which brings simple and easy deployment by connecting to PoE switch via standard RJ45 network cable (up to 100-meter long). In this way, power supply, video data transmission, and signal control unify as one, sharply reducing the complex installation procedures as well as the costly expenses.

VC222 Specification

  • Video System Compatibility Yealink VC800/VC880
  • 8 VC222 Support for VC800
  • 9 VC222 Support for VC800
  • Camera Type 1/3” HD CMOS
  • Maximum Resolution 1920×1080
  • Video Output Pixels 1080P
  • Maximum FPS 60 fps
  • Zoom 12x optical
  • Horizontal Field of View 70°
  • Vertical Field of View 42°
  • Min. Illumination 0.5 lux
  • Signal Noise Ratio (SNR) >55dB
  • Focus Auto/Manual
  • Exposure Auto/Manual
  • White Balance (WB) ATW/Auto/Manual
  • Video Output Interface 1 × HDMI
  • Network Interface 1 × RJ45
  • Power Supply PoE
  • Pan Range 0~±100°
  • Tilt Range 0~±30°
  • Dimensions (W*H*D) 282mm×152mm×159mm
  • Operating Humidity 10%~95%
  • Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃