Yeastar S100 Kenya

Yeastar S100

Yeastar S100 support 100 users with 30 concurrent calls and expandable up to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls. The S100 feature a fully modular design and support  Up to 16 FXS/FXO/BRI Ports, Up to 6 GSM/CDMA/3G/4G Channels and Up to 2 E1/T1/PRI Ports.



Yeastar S100 IP PBX

The YeastarS100 system from the company is known as the unique next evolution of the company’s PBX platform. The whole S series provides a series of new components as well as new features to make it a great hit. It is a 100 user 30 concurrent call system by default and expandable to 200 users and 60 concurrent calls with the help of D30 Card. S100 allows 2 Expansion Boards to customize FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, GSM/3G/4G, or E1/T1/PRI port.

This system has a huge capability in performance and is designed to last with the capacity to add new functions and services. It is feature rich technology offering everything essential for a user. Its modularized app collection is one of the essential features of the phone. It’s a pool that holds the functions of PBX which includes features like, Phone Templates, integrations by third party and LDAP. Through this system, an extra functionality which is non-core can be downloaded easily to PBX. The interface is absolutely clean and the white on blue contrast of the menu system will remind you of the past versions of windows.

yeastar s100 kenyaThe Event Center is one of the most extremely important features of this phone. It fulfills the requirements of both users as well as partners making the PBX system responsive a number of failure potentials. It also consists of a firewall which is built in and other auto-protect and security features. The Yeaster S100 is of incredible value. It’s insanely inexpensive for an ample amount of features.

With Yeastar S100 you will get 400+ Phone System Feature essential for modern business communications. IVR, Voice Mail, Call Reports and Call recording is a standard feature in S100 PBX System. The SIP Forking feature helps you to register multiple devices with the same extension number. It will let your desk phone ring and mobile softphone ring at the same time.

The S100 Mobility Extension feature Allows you to use your own mobile phone as an extension. If you enable this setting, then when the user’s mobile number dials into the system, the phone will have the same user permission as the desktop extension. So the mobile number will be able to connect with the other extension, dial out with the PBX’s trunk, and play voicemail.

The Yeastar s100 in Kenya offer QueueMetrics Live Integration provides the interface to connect the device and QueueMetrics Live. QueueMetrics Live is a cloud-based call center suite for an Asterisk telephony system. The Yeastar integration helps you to easily generate the report of the queue daily, weekly and monthly. What is more, QueueMetrics Live is also a call center control platform, including the features like hot-desking, agent login and log out, real-time monitor the queue, and spy the call.