Avaya 1608 Nairobi


Avaya 1608 IP Phone

The Avaya 1608-I is a cost effective IP telephone. At an attractive price point; it provides the customer with basic communications needed. The Avaya 1608-I is for users who rarely receive more than five or six calls per day. Sales staff and cubicle workers are good examples for whom the Avaya 1608-I delivers an enhanced experience for.The Avaya 1608 IP is an IP-ready desk phone from the Avaya 1600 IP series. Features include eight line appearance keys, with dual LED’s, and fixed feature keys for conference, transfer, drop, hold and mute. A two-way speaker phone and headset jack allow hands free communications. In addition, the Avaya 1608 IP includes a 10/100 Ethernet port for connecting to a PC.



Avaya IP Phone 1608i

The Avaya 1608 ip phone is designed as a deskphone for executives who desire simple phone use, and do not rely on it as their sole form of communication.

Compatible with both the IP Office platform (avaya IP500) and the Communications platform, the Avaya 1608 includes the features found only in higher end, more expensive, enterprise class telephones. These features include a bright, backlit display, support for multiple call appearances, 2 way speakers, dual lamp LEDs, fixed feature keys, and a context sensitive user interface with soft keys. And, because of its cost effectiveness, end users gain access to a feature rich telephone, but at a very attractive price point.

The 3 line by 24 character display supports 8 line appearances or feature keys. This handset also supports wired and wireless headsets through an integrated headset jack, unlike the 1603. The context sensitive interface, 3 soft keys and four way navigation cluster enhance productivity by allowing users to scroll through local contact lists or call logs.

The 1608 is a is the quiet achiever of the 1600 series Avaya IP Handsets. It suits discerning users who are after an overview of the active lines in the business and combining them with the straight forward nature of the handset. This is perfect for sales teams, office workers, hot desking agents or call centre staff. For users such as these, the Avaya 1608 IP Handset is a daily asset.

The Avaya 1608 IP Handset

Some of the highlights of the 1608 are:

  • 8 programmable feature buttons.
  • the feature buttons include dual red/green LED’s displaying details of user status
  • fixed function keys for common phone call handling such as conference, transfer, drop, hold, mute.
  • a high quality, 2-way speakerphone.
  • The Avaya 1608 is compatible with our range of wired and wireless headsets via a headset jack.
  • built in 100 contact number storage and call log apps that enhance productivity.
  • 3 soft keys and a 4-way navigation panel – ideal for scrolling through the local contacts list or call logs.
  • a 3 line x 24 character backlit LCD display