Avaya 9641GS Nairobi


Avaya 9641GS

Avaya 9641GS is an IP Phone with Giga network port s and support for three 12 or 24-button Expansion Module. The 9641GS Provide high-quality voice communications through a flexible architecture that leverages existing investments and accommodates changing business needs. The Screen Feature Capacitive touch 5 Inch color display. The Phone support H.323 IP500 PBX and SIP protocol support on Avaya Aura Platform.




Connectivity is a vital part of today’s business world. Being able to communicate effectively and the ability to work together efficiently have made humans one of the most dominant species on the planet. Communication and coordination have been our strengths and even history has suggested that entities with the most coordinated workforces have flourished.

Today’s businesses thrive on the virtue of being well connected. Million-dollar deals are done from remote corners of the world, all made possible by the virtue of connectivity.

One such tool for effective business communication is the Avaya 9641GS IP Deskphone. This affordable, high performing phone has what it takes to turn into an asset for your business. The desk phone has a graphical colored display which makes it intuitive and user-friendly. There is also a large capacitive touch screen which makes the device easier to operate and efficient.

The touch technology has significantly improved from previous models and is now made capacitive for light, fast and accurate response. Gone are the days when using a touchscreen was frustrating with the inaccurate response from the device. The new generation capacitive touchscreen can beat out touchpads in terms of accuracy.

The device also supports Gigabit Ethernet with a secondary port for ethernet connectivity. It also has support for up to 24 button expansion modules.

Avaya 9641GS in Kenya is especially loved by employees who spend a major part of their day on the telephone. The superior audio quality on the phone is a delight for everyone who uses it. Multi-party conference calls are a pleasure to be operated on this device.

The display is high resolution and supports multicolor which makes it easy to read for the human eye and it also facilitates easy access to information, courtesy of its easily readable and intuitive display.

There are intuitive prompts on the home screen to help complete tasks that are trivial and common, but important nonetheless, such as checking messages and contacts. These prompts help you get the job done as quickly as possible.

There is easy one-touch access from the home screen to other important applications, so it can be operated by anyone and everyone with ease. The easy and intuitive operation of the deskphone is one of its top selling points. Instead of worrying about hiring competent people who could operate the devices you could focus your attention on stuff that actually matters.

The Avaya 9641GS in Nairobi also supports Microsoft Office integration which allows you to transfer around 250 contacts from your Outlook directly to your telephone directory, which makes it easier and more convenient for your operations.

This phone can also be integrated with the Avaya Aura and Avaya Office platforms, and it has revolutionized communication through the flexible architecture it is built upon.  This has helped it to change itself over time and accommodate the changing needs of the business.

Hurry up and grab your 9641GS IP Deskphone today and turn your business into the dream you have been seeing since you first set your sails.