Avaya 9504 Nairobi


Avaya 9504 Digital Phone

Avaya 9504 is a Digital phone with 4 line X 32 character display backlit for easy viewing. It has Integrated, high-quality speakerphone, Large capacity contacts and call log functions. The phone is compatible with Avaya IP Office Release 7.0 or later.




The Avaya 9504 Digital Deskphones in Kenya is a range of premium desk phones from Avaya designed to take care of effective communication for your business. Communication remains an important part of any business. Successful businesses handle their communication channels efficiently and they understand the importance of the same. That is why it is imperative that you invest in the right set of tools that will help your business grow.

Avaya  9504 desk phone in Nairobi has a large display which is easily legible and pleasant to the human eye. It also has a simple and aesthetic design that will suit your workspace and maintain proper decorum.

Users who have to spend a long time on telephones will be relieved with this model’s functionalities and its ability to make work life easier. Cubicle workers and sales staff are among the people who are most benefited by it. Your employees work hard to ensure that your business stays afloat and you make a profit, therefore it becomes your responsibility to make sure they get the comfort they deserve while they pour out their heart and soul for you.

Avaya 9504 KenyaComing to the features of this phone, it has large capacitive contacts and calls log functions to help you check on important calls and messages if any. The integrated high-quality speakerphones deliver high-quality audio output and can be used during important calls without having to worry about missing out on any important piece of information. The headset jack also supports a various range of headsets provided by Avaya.

The interface on the Avaya  9504  phone is context-sensitive. There is also a 4-way navigation cluster for easily switching from one place to another. There are 4 soft keys to simplify and speed up important operations. Time is a precious resource, saving even ten seconds behind a single task could potentially save you a ton of money by the end of the year.

There are also 10 fixed keys for mundane tasks such as checking messages, contact lists or call history. These keys have been designed for the purpose of creating a shortcut for these tasks so that you do not have to fumble through the advanced keys. It also has 3 levels with 4 administrable feature keys in them which make up for 12 keys in total all attached with a dual red-green indicator for easy operation and to help new users operate.

The Avaya 9504 in Kenya supports DCP call control protocol and also has Avaya IP office support. It also has full access to IP office call appearance and features.

The headset comes with a nine feet cord that allows you to be flexible with the device. The device is wall mountable which makes it easier to install in offices that are constrained by space. The device also has a message pending indicator to inform you of any messages waiting to be read, so that you do not miss out on any urgent information and act in accordance.

All in all, 9504 is an essential tool for your business and will allow you to expand and flourish even further.  Hurry up and grab one for your office right now.