Avaya 9601 Nairobi


Avaya 9601 IP Phone

Avaya 9601 is an entry-level IP Phone with two line appearances and three context-sensitive soft keys. It has a four-line monochrome display and features full-duplex speakerphone with hands-free, narrowband communication, and full wideband audio.




AVAYA 9601 IP Phone in Detail

Looking for a cheap entry-level IP phone to manage your communication channel? Look no further than Avaya’s new range of products, namely the 9601 IP desk phones.

AVAYA 9601 IP Phone entry-level model is the highly successful and acclaimed 9600 series from Avaya has been designed to manage your business communication efficiently and effectively. As you know, communication is one of the most vital parts of businesses nowadays; that is why most businessmen are always looking for ways to strengthen their communication channels and get a tight grip on their ventures.

AVAYA 9601 IP Phone in Kenya has been designed to perform basic functions without any room for error. It is especially beneficial for processes that do not require complex functionalities. It is perfect for areas such as waiting rooms, lounges, kitchens, etc. This model has almost all the benefits of its high-end competitors, but costs around a fraction of the others.

avaya 9601 kenyaComing to the features of the phone, it has a monochrome display with four lines of effective text which are easy to read and is quite intuitive by nature. The four lines of text give you all the information you need. The intuitive nature of the display helps people who do not have experience handling such devices, manage it with ease. You do not have to worry about hiring people who could handle the devices. Rather, your old employees could do quite well with it. The buttons are also digitally labeled so that people have no trouble in finding the right keys for a given function.

AVAYA 9601 IP Phone in Nairobi supports wideband audio, which allows its users to experience high-quality audio output. This seems perfectly natural and makes it easier for you to take high priority calls on it without the fear of missing out on anything important. Also, the headset jack supports a wide range of headsets from Avaya. There is also a full-duplex speakerphone with high-quality output that allows you to manage the phone hands-free and with all the comfort you desire.

As its name suggests, the AVAYA 9601 IP Phone supports VoIP which stands for voice over internet protocol. This VoIP technology transfers voice packets over the internet which brings down the cost of communication by a major extent and helps you manage your finances more efficiently. When you are a struggling business, these cost cuts combined with a systematic approach to handling your finances help you stay afloat.

Avaya 9601 in Nairobi also has dual Ethernet ports that allow you to connect it to your desired network and allow the workstation connected with it to access the internet. The phone also has support for power over ethernet, which reduces the hassle regarding infrastructure, reduces energy costs and saves you money once again.

This is an IP Phone, which although is not very pricy, but still manages to beat out its competition quite easily. It is a must-have tool for all business owners and entrepreneurs, to help them strengthen their network and move ahead in the race.

Hurry up and grab your 9601 desk phone now.